• “New Bionics/Post Urban Romantics” Installation

    Installation with interactive sound at Ist Kiev Arsenalle 2012 The new plants are growing from the wasted office paper. They are strong and viable. They have got over our civilization and developed new forms of life... Totally destroed office is tightly installed with sculptured and site specifically made  objects. They seem to be the plants or increased in dimensions  microorganisms.                                                               Outgrows are appearing everywhere from wastes of  human office activity, brocken computers and other office technique,they are vegetating  from shredded  documents and just  from the floor, walls, hanging from the ceiling... It enrols  everything. It sounds like some mix of minimalistic natural and machine noises. People are interracting with with sound by presence in a particular area of installation. Main idea-is an ecology question of deforestation and recycle, reasonable and rational use of natural sources of our Planet. Sound and interactive programing by DSCRD (FR) The project was granted by BRAF  . 3D view